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New Possibilities for Interdisciplinary Research, Industrial Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange in the Circular Bioeconomy

Going from a fossil based economy to a circular and biobased economy holds significant societal and industrial potentials. In a biobased economy fossil raw materials are replaced with renewable plant- and marine-based biomasses, and energy consumption is based on renewable sources, including sustainable biomasses and organic waste.

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Torsdag 15. marts 2018,  kl. 12:00 - 16:00


Aarhus University FOULUM



In 2017, Aarhus University, Science and Technology, has established the interdisciplinary research Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO). CBIO activities include both basic and applied research ranging from cultivating and procuring biomasses, logistics, management, refining, product development and tests, recirculation, impact on nature and environment as well as research in relation to society and economy.

Purpose and expected participants

The purpose of the seminar is to illuminate possibilities of circular bioeconomy in industry and society and in continuation thereof to discuss research needs and possibilities.

Furthermore, the aim is to introduce the bioeconomic research platforms at Aarhus University and the possibilities for cooperating with CBIO. Under the auspices of CBIO, seven platforms - core research areas with related science teams and dedicated facilities - are established. It is possible for other research teams, individual researchers and industry to exploit the research platforms through cooperation with CBIO.

Expected participants are researchers and other interested colleagues from AU doing research with potential relevance for the bioeconomy. Research colleagues from industries collaborating with AU are also invited. 



12:00 Lunch 

13:00 Welcome and introduction

Introduction to Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO) and its research platforms. Head of Centre Uffe Jørgensen, Aarhus University. 

Make our planet great again

Lorie Hamelin is one of only 18 researchers who have received funding from the French presidential climate plan “Make our planet great again”. Lorie is connected to CBIO, and she will introduce the French initiative and the upcoming research. 

Food production in a circular bioeconomy

ARLA is financing a professorship in bioeconomy at Aarhus University. What is the background and what are the expectations to research in CBIO? Life Cycle Sustainability Manager Anna Flysjö, ARLA Foods. 

Recommendations on bioeconomy

The Danish government has appointed a National Bioeconomic Panel. On behalf of the panel, Niels Gøtke will review the expected recommendations from the panel. Niels Gøtke is Head of Division at the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation 

Scaling up – from research to industry

How do we scale from experiments to industry - and how does Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant collaborate with industry? Head R&D Brecht Vanlerberghe, BBEPP 

Unique biorefinery facilities

CBIO cooperates with the AU Center for Biorefinery at the Institute of Engineering. Head of centre Ib Johannsen will introduce the centre –existing facilities as well as the coming demonstration facility for extracting protein from green grass and legumes. 

Collaboration with CBIO

At the concluding poster session, the CBIO platform leaders will each present their platform and especially the associated facilities and collaboration opportunities. There will be possibilities for individual discussions.

Further information

You will find further information on the centre and the individual research platforms at our website: www.cbio. au.dk

Contact information

Head of centre Uffe Jørgensen, uffe.jorgensen@agro.au.dk Phone +4521337831 Corporate- and international coordinator Margrethe Balling Høstgaard, margrethe.hostgaard@dca.au.dk Phone +4540147885


The auditorium at AU Foulum, Blichers Allé 20, 8830 Tjele 


Sandwiches will be available for all registered participants from 12.00 (in the hall in front of the auditorium). Coffee and tea will be available at the poster session. 


Participation is free of charge. Please make your registration via this link

Deadline for registration is Thursday 8 March 2018