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Katarina Elofsson



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Katarina Elofsson


  • Environmental Economics
  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Water Management
  • Biodiversity management
  • Climate Policy and Land Use




Katarina carries out research within environmental and resource economics, with a focus on the economics of carbon sequestration in land use, the economics of biodiversity and wildlife, and the economics of water quality management. Her research interests include bioeconomic models for optimal decisions on natural resources management and cost-effective environmental policies under uncertainty about ecosystem responses. The models are empirically applied at EU, national, and local level. 


Katarina has been course responsible for 21 Bachelor and Master level courses, and one PhD level course, in economics and environmental economics. She has taught about 650 lecture hours, supervised 15 Master and MSc theses. Also, she has been main supervisor of 4 finalized PhDs, and assistant supervisor of 1 finalized PhD and 1 finalized licentiate thesis. She is main supervisor of 3 ongoing PhD theses.


Katarina carries out interdisciplinary research in cooperation with biologists, soil scientists, forestry scientists, hydrologists, marine modelers, and stakeholders. Further, she is a member of the department’s Research and PhD Field Committees, and a Tech Faculty Advisor on the Responsible Conduct of Research and Freedom of Research. She is also a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.


Katarina has carried out consultancy work for Danish and Swedish agencies responsible for agriculture and environment. This includes reports on the economics of marine water quality, economics of biodiversity offsetting, economics of carbon sequestration in forestry and agriculture, the cost-effectiveness of biochar sequestration in agricultural soils, and the economic impacts of large carnivore attacks on rural enterprises.

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