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[Translate to English:] Sukkertang produceret ved Aarhus Universitets dyrkningsanlæg ved Grenå. Foto: Teis Boderskov (Aarhus Universitet, Institut for Bioscience).

The green transition can also be blue

2021.06.18In a new report, blue biomass is the term for resources from the sea, which we can exploit much more sustainably both on the dinner table and as tool for environmental restoration. Still, the report concludes, green transition towards increased use of blue biomass such as seaweeds and mussels calls for the will and ability to solve challenges if we are to succeed.

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Researcher wants to turn stale bread into packaging material

2021.06.10Too much bread ends up in the trash, but what if, instead, it could return to the supermarket in as high-performing and fully biodegradable packaging? In a new project, a researcher from Aarhus University will try to develop a green chemical process that can turn stale bread waste into packaging material. The project has just received 2.9 million DKK from the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Photo: Xueqian Zhang

PhD defence: What is the prospect of the seaweed-based blue bioeconomy in Denmark?

2021.05.27During her PhD studies, Xueqian Zhang aimed to evaluate the emerging seaweed farming and biorefinery systems and provided science-based decision support for relevant stakeholders in academia, private sector, and non-governmental and governmental institutions to drive the developing seaweed blue bioeconomy in the direction of increased environmental sustainability and economic viability.

Grass replaces plastic in take-away food packaging

2021.05.26Soon, packaging for take-away foods might be completely based on local, sustainable materials instead of fossil-based products. In a new research project, a packaging solution based on upcycled grass fibres is being developed.

"We’ve got fantastic agricultural soil in Denmark, and it would be a shame to plaster it all with solar cells. It’d be great if we could unite the two," says farmer Claus Hunsballe, who's joined an international research project to unite solar energy production and agriculture. Photo: Colourbox

Why not combine agriculture and solar energy on the same field?

2021.03.01Using vertical solar-cell installations, researchers from Aarhus University will harvest both energy and crops from the same agricultural area. The plan is to produce energy when it is most needed, while at the same time leaving space for the farmer to work in the field.

Photo: In 2018, a Danish team from University of Southern Denmark won the first prize of 1000 EUR.

European student competition 2021: Bioeconomic innovation in focus

2021.02.24Danish students are again this year encouraged to form interdisciplinary teams and participate in BISC-E, the Biobased Innovation Student Challenge Europe. The Danish winner will compete with the winners from other EU countries to win the European championship and price.

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Green revolution from the GO-GRASS project

2021.02.12New video shows how Danish grass can replace soy in animal feed.

CBIO research featured in the BBC episode "Farmers on the frontline"

2021.02.02In the series ”Follow the Food”, BBC visits the Department of Animal Science at Aarhus University in Foulum. Here, the newest research on the use of seaweed in cattle feed is presented. You can find the episode “Farmers on the frontline” by scrolling down the website here. (Aarhus University is featured from 2:55 to 11:32).

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Do we want to eat food with protein from cod waste?

2020.12.16Cod waste can be transformed into high quality fish protein, which can be added to our food products and thereby contribute to both our health and the circular economy. But are we willing to eat food enriched with cod protein? Researchers from the MAPP Centre at Aarhus University are looking into the matter in a new EIT Food study.

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Alles so schön grün hier

2020.11.26The Danish research in more sustainable cultivation systems and in new, local products from green biorefineries has been mentioned in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. (In German)

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