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Utilization of biomass for food, ingredients and high-value products

Intensive research combined with growing commercial interest has led to more applications for biomass. This increases the number of green value chains, thus benefiting the whole bioeconomy. 

One of the areas of application that in recent years has received significant attention is the extraction of bioactive components and high value products for food and ingredients. CBIO is involved in research in this area in several ways, including development and optimisation of techniques and technologies for extraction and characterisation of the following substances from biomass:

  • Protein for food and ingredients
  • Secondary metabolites
  • Active ingredients
  • Prebiotics (non-digestible components)
  • Natural colours

In addition to research in bioactive components and high value products, we work strategically with optimising various process parameters with regard to extraction and processing. The aim of this work is to achieve improvements in relation to the following examples: 

  • endogenous enzymes
  • protein chemistry changes
  • functional traits (solubility, gelation, skim characteristics, etc.)
  • sensory preferences (taste, smell, sight, texture etc.)
  • bioavailability

Participating science teams and individual scientists: