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Production and management of agricultural biomasses

Being able to optimise the output of biological resources is the foundation for a well-functioning circular bioeconomy. A key goal of the research carried out at CBIO is therefore to achieve as high a value as possible of crops while minimizing resource loss and emissions to the environment.

CBIO’s research in the area ¨Production and management of agricultural biomass” is divided into three main themes:

  • Plant breeding
  • Innovative growing systems
  • Recycling and sustainable green biomass production technology

We carry out research in optimising the combination of existing crops – crop rotations. In addition, we investigate the potential of not yet domesticated plants. Finally, we have a focus on optimizing crop management to achieve both good yields and low emissions to the environment. 

With the aid of targeted research, we also work with crop breeding. The aim is to maximise yield under various production conditions and achieve the desired values and traits in the ensuing biorefining.

Our researchers also focus on optimising the nature content in intensive and extensive production systems.

Participating science teams and researchers: