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Extraction of protein

Research platform for the extraction of protein from green biomasses

Green biomass offers a huge and not yet explored potential for the production of protein for feeds and foods. With a view to examining the possibilities of utilizing this potential, Aarhus University has established a research platform focusing on the extraction of protein from clover, lucerne/al­falfa and grasses. The platform includes laboratory facilities for the extraction and analyses of fractionations of protein and other high-value components. In addition, a pilot plant for large scale extraction has been built. This plant includes equipment for all processes ranging from pressing fresh biomass, e.g. grass, to the final products such as pulp and juice.

The pulp consists of fibres and fibre-bound protein, which is very suitable as ruminant feed. The juice has a high content of soluble protein to be utilized by pigs and poultry. In connection with an optimization of extraction procedures, feeding and digestibility experiments with both ruminants and monogastrics will be performed.

Important research goals

  • Development and optimization of methods for the extraction of protein from green biomasses (legumes and grasses)
  • Characterization of extracted proteins by means of chemical and biological methods
  • Studies of stability, durability, digestibility and nutritional value of extracted protein
  • Exploration of the use of the side streams as feed or other applications.


Special facilities

  • Laboratory facilities for extraction of protein from green biomass
  • Laboratory facilities for analysis of a wide array of components in juice and pulp, etc.
  • Pilot plant for extraction of protein from green biomass, including biomass equipment for fractioning and feeding, screw press technology for juice pressing, handling of biomass as well as heat exchangers, fermentation tanks, and decanter centrifuge used to separate protein concentrate from the juice
  • Facilities for biological evaluation of digestibility and nutritive value with laboratory animals
  • Facilities for digestibility and balance experiments with pigs, poultry and cattle
  • Facilities for large scale feeding experiments with pigs, poultry and cattle 

Info on technology

Morten Ambye-Jensen

Associate Professor Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering - Industrial Biotechnology

Info on the nutritional value of the products

Søren Krogh Jensen

Professor Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences - ANIVET Monogastric Nutrition (MONU)


Extraction of protein from green biomasses

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