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The 10-million-tonnes plan

The desire to create sustainable solutions in the energy sector was the impetus in 2011 for researchers from Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, and research and development staff from DONG Energy to enter into a collaborative agreement. The purpose of the collaboration was to launch a number of specific initiatives in research and training in green energy. An important part of the project has been to examine how we in Denmark can produce more biomass without compromising food and feed production and the environment.

Under the title The 10-million-tonnes plan, the group published a report in 2013, showing that it is possible to produce more biomass through a combined emphasis on sustainable technology and biology. The report also describes the effects of establishing a biorefinery sector dependent on home-grown resources. To achieve this requires further research and development, especially in agriculture and forestry, but also in the biological and chemical conversion of biomass.

Download the original study (2013)

Update - 2016

In 2016, researchers from AU and KU have published an updated version of the + 10 mio tonnes study.

The work in the updated version of the study includes the latest developments within agricultural research as well as quantification of the effects upon greenhouse gas emissions.

Download the updated version of the study (2016)


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