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Magnus Kamau Katana Lindhardt


PhD Student

Primary affiliation

Magnus Kamau Katana Lindhardt

Areas of expertise

  • Agrivoltaics
  • Circular Agriculture
  • Microclimate
  • Crop Physiology
  • Biomass Production

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My research focuses on the innovative integration of renewable solar energy and sustainable agricultural practices, through the use of agrivoltaics. With the use of empirical field measurements and simulation crop modelling, I investigate how the combination of solar panels influences crop production. Specifically by studying crop yields and quality under modulated microclimates, and how circular and sustainable use of crop residues and nutrients can optimise whole-system performance. My research aims to improve multifunctional land-use, enhance sustainable energy production, and promote climate-resilient cropping systems in our future agroecosystems. 


My interdisciplinary research efforts are driven by collaborations within AU, as well as national and international partners. In my ongoing work, I am collaborating with scientists, technicians, business partners, engineers and farmers on topics related to agronomic management practices, biobased value-chains and renewable energy generation.


Through collaborations with diverse governmental and private entities, I offer evidence-based consultancy and policy support for sustainable agrivoltaic initiatives. Leveraging my expertise in plant science, agronomy, and resilient multifunctional land-use systems, I actively engage in scientific, practical, and social efforts to advance local, national, and international initiatives. This involves participation in workshops and expert panels, where I provide guidance to governments and private enterprises on topics such as renewable energy integration, circular bioeconomy strategies, and sustainable agriculture practices.

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