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Webinar presentations

Presentations from the webinar 1 July 2020

The presentations will be available when we have received permission from the presenters.


The mission of CBIO in the green transition of our society, Uffe Jørgensen, Dept. of Agroecology

1. Biorefining green biomass for feed and food

Smart decision making in Green Biorefineries, Aikaterini Mountraki, Dept. of Engineering

Improving the quality of protein extracted from green biomass, Anders Hauer Møller, Dept. of Food Science

Grass protein for pigs and poultry: can it substitute soybean meal? Lene Stødkilde-Jørgensen, Dept. of Animal Science

Novel feedstuffs in monogastric nutrition, Marleen van der Heide, Dept. of Animal Science

Pulp from green protein extraction of grass as feed for dairy cows, Nikolaj Hansen, Dept. of Animal Science

Alfalfa protein for human consumption, Signe Hjerrild-Nissen, Dept. of Food Science  

2. Value added products from side streams

Grass Textile - Cellulose from sidestream biomass for biomaterial purposes, Birgit E. Bonefeld, Dept. of Engineering

Biochemical extraction of sugars and amino acids from green biomass: creating value-added products from waste streams, Chia-Wen Hsieh, Dept. of Engineering

Resource recovery from Green Biorefinery residual stream using membrane filtration, Gossaye Tirunehe, Dept. of Engineering  

Valorisation of a side stream from leaf protein concentrate production for high-value applications, Natália Hachow Motta dos Passos, Dept. of Engineering

Hydrothermal liquefaction of mixed waste materials synergistic investigations for a circular economy of the chemical industry, Juliano Souza dos Passos, Dept. of Engineering

3. Cropping systems and management

Effect of cropping management on protein yield and extractability from selected flooding tolerant perennial grasses cultivated on a riparian fen, Claudia Kalla, Dept. of Agroecology

Biomass yield, yield stability and soil carbon and nitrogen content with various innovative cropping systems, Ji Chen, Dept. of Agroecology  

4. Seaweed in the circular bioeconomy

Protein extraction from seaweed, Louise Juul Pedersen, Dept. of Animal Science

Ecosystem services associated with seaweeds in circular bioeconomy context, Xueqian Zhang, Dept. of Environmental Science 

Closing session

Beyond 70% GHG reduction -what should be the research & development priorities? Claus Felby, Novo Nordic Foundation