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Green biomasses hold a significant potential as an alternative to traditional protein sources. Learn more during the Circular Bioeconomy Days 2019. Photo: Anders Trærup, AU Photo

Major conference on circular bioeconomy at Aarhus University

2019.02.04Join us when the conference Circular Bioeconomy Days focuses on the development of the circular bioeconomy of the future.

Circular Bioeconomy Days - Expression of interests

2019.01.14Focus on new protein sources for Europe. Mark your calendar for exciting Bioeconomy Days 25 - 27 June 2019 and join us at Aarhus University Campus Foulum for discussions on how to take bioeconomy to the next level.

Updated Bioeconomy strategy from the European Commission

2018.10.22"A sustainable Bioeconomy for Europe: strengthening the connection between economy, society and the environment" - this is the title of the recent published strategy.

Denmark can grow all its own animal feed protein

2018.08.17Instead of importing large quantities of protein feedstuffs from other countries for food and feed, Denmark can produce enough of its own protein to cover its needs for animal feed and to supplement food requirements.

Presentation of the teams from the European final BISC-E 2018

2018.07.18Make the world a little more sustainable by developing a biobased product or process:

Engineering students presented themselves to a first and a third prize in European contest

2018.06.25CBIO cooperates with TKI Agri & Food in Wageningen about a student challenge in bioeconomy (BISC-E). The cooperation resulted in that two teams of engineering students from Southern Denmark University in Odense participated on Friday, 22 June in the Dutch BISC-E final. They went home assigned a first place and a third place!

Danish green protein and mussel meal for organic poultry and pigs is a possibility

2018.08.17Researchers from Aarhus University have investigated the possibilities for growing Danish protein feed for organic pigs and poultry. The alternatives include legumes, protein from green biomass and mussel meal.

CBIO can support PhD projects within the circular bioeconomy

2018.03.11For the next GSST-call, CBIO can support 1/3 of a PhD-project. Deadline 10 April.

BISC-E: New student competition inspires both students and industries

2018.08.17This year, the first Danish edition of the new European student competition "Biobased Innovation Student Challenge Europe" (BISC-E) will be held.

New Possibilities for Interdisciplinary Research, Industrial Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange in the Circular Bioeconomy

2018.01.19In 2017, Aarhus University, Science and Technology, has established the interdisciplinary research Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO). CBIO activities include both basic and applied research ranging from cultivating and procuring biomasses, logistics, management, refining, product development and tests, recirculation, impact on nature and environment as well as research in relation to society and economy.

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