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Biobased materials and bio-oils

A central element in the circular bioeconomy of the future will be the establishment of modern biorefineries. This is where different types of biomass are split into their components and – among other things – become protein and residue biomass in the form of fibres from the crops used.

Within the area ”Biobased materials and bio-oils” CBIO carries out research in using hydrothermal and catalytic processes to transform biomass, and to obtain molecular knowledge of the processes. The aim of the research is thus to develop new high-value products, molecular components for the chemical industry (including biobased polymers for e.g. the plastics industry), and liquid fuels.  

Understanding the processes at molecular level

In order to design and optimize the biorefineries of the future, a profound knowledge of transformation processes as well as streams of individual biomass components is necessary. This will require a wide range of analytical methods ranging from standard methods for measuring biomass components to molecular analyses using advanced chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Participating science teams and individual scientists


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