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Bio refining, conversion and recirculation

It is one thing to develop theoretical models for using green and marine biomass in a circular bioeconomy, but something completely different to make it happen – and on an industrial level, no less.

In the research area ”Biorefining, conversion and recycling” we will develop new technologies and complete pilot scale refineries. The refineries have from the beginning been developed with a focus on being able to upscale operations to a commercial and thereby competitive level.

The work in this research area aims consistently at:

  • increasing the value of the biomass flows
  • ensuring maximal value growth of the produced biomass and its byproducts
  • developing connected systems in which the value chain can be completed.

Great perspectives

CBIO’s technology platforms have so far enabled the creation of particularly promising research results with the possibility of upscaling to an industrial level with regard to extraction, processing, purification and storage stabilisation of green protein from biomass.

Based on CBIO’s biogas plant, the world’s largest for research purposes, our researchers also work on developing promising technology platforms for chemical catalyst methanisation and biomethanisation of biogas, among others. These technologies have the potential to play a leading role in the important research efforts regarding optimisation of the use of fixed carbon in green biomass.

Participating science teams and individual scientists: