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The fossil economy is rapidly nearing its expiry date. The world therefore needs a new paradigm. Transformation towards a biobased society where raw materials, production and waste are elements in a sustainable cycle. And where biomass is fundamental for innovation. For progress. And for success.

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2021.07.14 | Research

Four available Postdoc positions in circular bioeconomy

There are currently four available Postdoc positions with affiliation to CBIO - Aarhus University Centre for Circular Bioeconomy. Three of the positions are within the area of industrial ecology, while the topic of the fourth position is sustainability assessment of forest derived wood bioeconomic value chains.

2021.07.14 | Research

Apply for a PhD in circular bioeconomy

Do you want to do research on circular bioeconomy and contribute to the green transition? There are now three available PhD positions with affiliation to the Aarhus University Centre for Circular Bioeconomy.

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

2021.07.07 | Research

More grassland to improve climate and environment

Grassland areas may reduce agricultural emissions of greenhouse gases and nutrients. Together with newly developed biorefining technologies, grasslands constitute a breeding ground for new sustainable products, e.g. green protein to replace the use of imported soya. A new research project will make it possible to harvest the benefits.


Mon 04 Oct
14:00-15:00 |
How can we disrupt current primary agriculture into a more productive and less polluting system?
Want to know more about the potential role of biorefineries in utilising more resource efficient crops for new Food, Feed, Fibre and Fuel products? Join CiFOOD Free Wednesday Webinar. Speaker: Uffe Jørgensen, Head of CBIO
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