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PressRelease BISC-E

Press Release - New BioBased Innovation Student Challenge - deadline 30 April

This year, the first Danish edition of the new European student competition BISC-E will be held. BISC-E, short for Biobased Innovation Student Challenge Europe, encourages students to explore the emerging biobased workfield while developing a new biobased product or process. The Danish final will be held on 25 June. Plans for a European competition are being developed.

Press Release in pdf-format.

At BISC-E student teams develop a biobased innovation (product or process) and present their ideas to a jury of experts from industry and science. The presentations are accompanied by an extensive dossier explaining sustainability, technical feasibility and economic viability of the innovation.

The challenge is open for 4th year students of university of applied sciences (VIA) and university students (BSc and MSc) in Denmark. Due to the multidisciplinary character of the challenge it is recommended to embody multiple

disciplines in a team. Team members can come from different institutions.

The ideas will be judged by a jury with members from science and industry. The jury will be chaired by Associate professor Ib Johannsen, who has a long career in both industry and at universities. There are great prizes to be won in the Danish competition: First prize € 1000, second prize € 500, and third prize € 250.

BISC-E is a Dutch initiative, which is now promoted in Denmark by Aarhus University Centre for Circular Bioeconomy CBIO (www.cbio.au.dk) that aims for promoting science and development of biobased products. Next to new knowledge and innovations, fresh talents are needed to come to a transition to a biobased society. BISC-E is one of the means to inspire young talent to work in the emerging biobased sector.

Kees de Gooijer, chairman of the European competition, is looking forward to the competition: “At other student competitions I was amazed about the surprising approaches students use to develop new products and processes. The knife cuts both ways: students get enthusiastic about the biobased working field and industries get inspired by the students. I hope that BISC-E will work the same.”

Registration is open until 30 April. More information on the terms of the competition can be found on www.bisc-e.eu.


For more info, please contact Uffe Jørgensen, Head of Aarhus University Centre for Circular Bioeconomy, +45 2133 7831.