Utilization of biomass for food, ingredients and high-value products

Techniques and technologies for extraction of high-value products for foods and ingredients are developed. Primary focus is on the extraction and characterization of white protein, active compounds, prebiotics and natural colouring agents. Strategic efforts are accomplished concerning the optimization of process parameters in relation to protein-chemical changes, functional properties, sensory preferences and bioavailability.

Participating science teams and individual scientists

Specific facilities connected with evaluation of green biomass components for foods

  • Development of different methods to extract and purify white protein from green biomasses (removing chlorophyll)
  • Extraction of active compounds such as polyphenols and phytoestrogens
  • Techniques for examining functional properties (solubility, gelation, foaming properties etc.)
  • Sensory panel
  • State-of-the-art mass spectrometry facilities (2D-LC-IM-QToF, LC-MS QQQ, LC-MS ion trap, Maldi-ToF-ToF, GC-QToF, GC-MSD) for omics techniques (proteomics, metabolomics and oxidomics) and quantitative analyses of bioactive compounds (peptides, polyphenols, mono- and oligo saccharides) as well as antinutrients (oxidative and heat-induced changes in proteins and amino acids, D amino acids, polyphenol oxidase), respectively
  • FPLC gel filtering techniques for profiling soluble proteins  
  • Platform for bioactivity testing (e.g. antioxidative capacity, ACE, GLP1 etc.)
  • Cell laboratory for initial initial in vitro testing of bioactive components
  • Pig and rat models for bioavailability evaluation (DIAAS and PDCAAS), as well as a micro-biological laboratory