Sustainability, society and economy

Research in systemic approaches to the understanding of circular bioeconomy. The area comprises modelling competences that connect production, distribution, consumption and recirculation of bio resources. Additional focus will be on regulative, social and economic barriers and enablers in order to understand how to support and initiate a more bioeconomic production.

Furthermore, the systemic approach aims to understand economic, environmental and climate consequences of alternative scenarios for resource management and regulative measures. 

Participating science teams and individual scientists  

Systemic analyses 
Marianne Thomsen, John Hermansen, Marie Trydeman Knudsen and Dario Caro 

Policy analysis in the food and environmental sector
Helle Ørsted Nielsen, Anders Branth Petersen, Mikael Skou Andersen and Birgitte Egelund Olsen 

Economic Systems Models – Integrated Environmental Economic policy modelling
Mette Termansen, Ronggang Cong and Berit Hasler

Land Use and bioeconomic resource flows
Gregor Levin and Doan Nainggolan