Feeds, by-products and feed ingredients

This area focuses on research in protein and ingredients extracted from biomasses as well as by-products and the ways in which these may be optimally used as feed for both monogastrics and ruminants. The platform will examine how different animal groups utilize the products most optimally – chickens, egg layers, slaughter pigs, sows, calves and cattle – and will also include the impact of quality parameters on animal products (meat, eggs, milk).

In addition to examining how protein and ingredients can be used as raw materials in the feed industry, the platform will also examine – within the framework of green protein – how to develop a concept for cooperation between pig and cattle farmers with a view to ensuring an optimum utilization of this type of biomass. 

Participating science teams and individual scientists

Specific facilities connected with feeds, ingredients and by-products

Laboratory platform for ingredient analyses

Aarhus University has analyses platforms, allowing for a more thorough and extensive characterization of raw material ingredients. This is important as proteins and ingredients extracted from biomasses may contain substances with both positive and negative impact on raw material quality in relation to monogastrics as well as ruminants.

Biological platforms for evaluation of nutritional value

Department of Animal Science has well-established biological platforms for nutritional value evaluation at its disposal. These include facilities for laboratory animal examinations, fistulated and intact pigs and cows, as well as egg-layers. Apart from the examination of nutrient quality, the facilities allow an examination of the products’ impact on the quality of animal products produced – meat, milk and eggs.