The biogas facility at AU Foulum became operational in autumn 2007 and is the world's largest biogas plant for research purposes. It can be used for projects in both biogas and slurry separation by researchers and companies alike from Denmark and abroad. The plant cost 25 million DKK to construct and is being expanded on an ongoing basis.

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  • Biofuel Laboratory

Straw, energy crops and other biomass are increasingly used for the production of heat. To be able to test and develop boilers for biofuels, AU Foulum started using a new lab in September 2011.

The primary object of the lab is to improve the efficiency of smaller biofuel plants, reduce emission of environmentally damaging substances including carrying out incineration experiments with new types and different combinations of biomass.

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  • HTL pilot plant

A pilot plant for hydrothermal conversion of biomass to fuel has been created and officially inaugurated in May 2015.

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