Bio refining, conversion and recirculation

This area focuses on the development of bio refining technologies with a view to increasing the value of biomass streams. The platform will use the absolute newest research results in new technologies and – at the same time – develop refining plants in pilot scale in order to ensure that operation results can be scaled directly to an industrial level.

The plants developed will be implemented into refinery plans, thus ensuring a maximum value increment in relation to produced biomasses and side streams, and also ensuring that we consider entire systems in order to finish the value chain. 

Participating science teams and individual scientists

Specific facilities connected with bio-refining, conversion and recirculation

Platform for green protein

Aarhus University has established a pilot-scale research process plant to form the basis for further development of: 

  • Pre-treatment of green biomasses
  • Protein extraction
  • Protein purification and storage stabilization

Green biomasses are very different

Technology platform for HTL

Aarhus University has establised a HTL pilot plant. Able for industrial upscaling, the plant design will allow for evaluation of the HTL process in relation to different wet biomasses, typically side streams from other processes, but also in relation to fresh energy biomasses.

Read more about the HTL pilot plant

Biogas plant
Full-scale experimental biogas plant including pre-treatment technologies.

Read more about the biogas plant


One of the central technologies used to optimize fixed carbon utilization in biomasses is biogas methanization (conversion of CO2 components to CH4). The biogas plant includes a platform for chemical, catalytic methanization and a corresponding platform for bio methanization is in preparation.